Reign of Deceit~Part 1

Yay!!!  Part 1 is here!!!  I went through literally like five different ideas before I finally went back to the first one and just made some changes to it!  I hope you all enjoy! 😀


“Giselle!”  Two familiar voices called.  “Wait for us!”

I turned to see my friends, Collette and Dixon, making their way slowly through the hustle and bustle of the crowds that swarmed the brightly covered booths.  Merry laughter, sweet aromas, string music, and bargaining made for the lively atmosphere of the Spring Festival.

As they approached me, Collette exclaimed “Giselle! We’ve been looking everywhere for you!”.

“Where have you been?  We thought that we were going to meet up with you at the stables.”  Dixon added.

I suddenly remembered our arrangement and my hand flew to my mouth.  “Oh my!  I’m so sorry!  I….I….I guess I became distracted again…”

Collette and Dixon smothered their laughter.

“It’s alright.  We kind of expected it.  I mean, it certainly isn’t the first time we had to search the universe for you.”  Dixon teased.  “When do you ever stop day dreaming?  It’s like you’re stuck in the clouds!”

I rolled my eyes and crossed my arms, trying to ignore him as he went on.  That boy!  I sure could say a lot of things about him! 

“Oh do stop, Dixon!  You’re such a tease!”  Collette shoved her brother.

” I think he’s more of a menace.”  I grinned.

Collette brown eyes danced as she giggled.  “I agree!”

“I’m no menace!  I’m just stating the facts!”  He claimed defensively, while a smile played at the corners of his mouth.

I started to reply but suddenly something caught my hazel eyes, and I couldn’t.  I was frozen solid.  My chin dropped and I stared right through Collette and Dixon to the stable down the brick street.

“Is….. is something wrong?”  Collette asked, with a concerned look on her face.

I didn’t answer.  Only pointed.  They turned around and immediately their chins dropped also.  We couldn’t believe our eyes…






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