Field of Hope {Photography}

Hey Y’all!

As I mentioned a few posts ago, my family and I are moving!  We’ve been kind of vacationing with some relatives as we make our way up, and I was able to take these pictures yesterday.

I’ve always loved wildflowers, er weeds (lol), like Dandelions.  These Dandelions are in the ‘dying stage’ of their life cycle.  However, they always grow back.  That reminds me of the life we live.  In some seasons our lives are bright and blossoming, and in other seasons we feel hopeless, lonely, or broken.  If you’re in the season, just wait, keep the faith, lift your head, and believe that this isn’t the end.  Because it isn’t.  Things will get better.  For the moment, hope is what can hold you together. ❤

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Check Out the Fantasy Issue of SKG Fun!

Hey there! 😀

Guess what!  The Fantasy issue of of SKG Fun magazine is here!  Check it out and read my article, Curiosity Killed the Cat.


Grab your unicorns and put on your tiara, because the fantasy edition of SKGfun is here! Enjoy articles inspired by The Hobbit Alice in Wonderland The Giver Charlie and the Chocolate Factory & more! Discover new books, find out if you’re an introvert, read an inspirational article on making a bucket list, and receive tips…

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10 Reasons Why the Light Side is Better Than the Dark Side

Hey Everyone!

Soooooo, Emma wrote a post entitled 10 Reasons Why the Dark Side is Better Than the Light Side, and being the loyal Rebel/Jedi that I am, I had to write a post that defeated those reasons…. 😀

let the friendly debate begin!

1.  The Light technically has more followers than the Dark because the Empire/First Order/etc. clones most of their people from birth. NR roundel


Image result for stormtrooper2.  Dark Siders have zero self-control.

3.  Jedi have naturally awesome names.  Dark Siders just aren’t content with theirs.

4.  Jedi serve the innocent; Sith slaughter the innocent. MP-Duel1

5.  Dark Siders are weak minded.  I mean, Rey, a girl with no Jedi training, utterly defeated Kylo Ren.

Planets-Yavin6.  The Rebels always outsmart the Empire/First Order/etc.

7.  The only reason why the Dark Side has a stronger impression on people is from terror.  The Light uses respect. MP-FalconJedi Order

8.  The Empire couldn’t even construct a Death Star.  It was a Rebel.

9. The Empire wouldn’t even have been able to power the Death Star if it wasn’t for the Jedi.  They powered it with our Kyber crystals.

10.  Like you said, the Dark Side has never won…and they never will…



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what’s up? {what’s new with me & my fab life}

Hey Y’all!

I know I’ve been pretty inactive these past few months around the ‘blogosphere’ in general.  I’m finally getting my blogging inspiration back now, and I’m….

•·• MOVING •·•

 It’s not 100% positive yet (it’s kind of complicated), but as of the moment my family and I are planning moving to the other side of the nation in about two weeks.  Yeah.  I’m excited about what seems like quite a few pros, but I’m also a bundle of nerves about leaving my friends and completely restarting.  It’s been pretty tough at times since I’ll be moving away from the state I’ve called home for the past eight years and the same home for the past seven.  But hey, God’s got my back, so I can put on a genuine brave face. 🙂  Some of the possible advantages of moving will be…

1.)  Getting to go to a Christian camp with a wagon train week for teen girls(basically a horse camp, but I think we’d be on the trail for most, if not all, of the time).

2.)  Getting to take piano and possibly vocal at a music school.

3.)  Awesome wildlife photography opportunities, so I’m hoping to launch my Etsy shop at the latter part of the summer or the beginning of the new school year.


4.)  I’ve already got a babysitting job(my two sweet cousins <3) lined up, and my aunt may be able to hook me up with some others!

5.)  My mom and aunt will be working at a ice cream/gift shop at the docks over the summer, so I may be able to work some odd jobs there too.

6.)  Since I’ll finally be able to get some jobs, I’m also hoping to do something that I really think y’all will be excited about-just can’t say yet ;P

7.)  I’m probably going to be getting a new bike when we get up there and since it’s a real small town, I’ll be able to ride it to nearly everywhere!


8.)  Lots of new fitness and outdoor opportunities!

9.)  And like I mentioned earlier, we’ll be near my some of my fam!

10.)  Oh!  And I almost forgot—COFFEE SHOPS(they’re on the docks too(perfect place to write;D))!!!  I really want a frappe right now….*sighs*


So yeah, lots ‘o’ good stuff, but they’re all possibilities. 😉

Now y’all are probably tired of me rambling about my big move coming up, so here are some new things I’m wanting to do that involves Y’ALL.

•·• blogging •·•

1.)  Start blogging consistently!  Ok, so it doesn’t involve y’all directly, but ya get what I mean 😉

2.)  Host a writing challenge!  I would appreciate some feedback on this so I’ll know if this is something y’all would like to participate in. 😀


3.)  I’ve almost finished the new blog design!

4.)  Monthly Recaps/Goals posts.

5.)  Do some more plotting/planning for Reign of Deceit so I can continue the series, and I’m also considering doing another.

•·• RANDOM •·•

1.)  THE LAST JEDI TEASER TRAILER!!!  CLICK HERE NOW!!!  The end is killing me!!!  I may cry!!!   IT CAN’T HAPPEN!  IT JUST CAN’T!

Credit to the owner of image

2.)  I’m officially in love with everything maroon, burgundy, army green, and my long time fave, emerald blue. 😀 Like beanies, jean jackets, and finger-less gloves-yes, I’m still not ready to say goodbye to winter, lol 😛

3.)  I would like to branch out a little more and start submitting some articles to other magazines (I’m a writer for the e-magazine, SKG Fun).

Credit via SKG Fun

4.)  Hoping to start reading the KOLC series this summer!!! 😀

5.)  I would like to put some more time and effort into four things I adore: photography, art, fiction writing, and songwriting.

6.)  I’m also hoping to get into crafting again, and I’m wanting to start scrap-booking this summer.

Well, that’s about all for now.  What’s up with y’all? 😀


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Happy Birthday, Jaclynn <3

Hey Y’all!

For those of you who don’t know, today is Jaclynn’s eighteenth birthday(:0 She’s SO old)! I’ve know this AMAZING teen online for around two years, I believe, and I treasure her friendship greatly.  She is so sweet, passionate, and talented, and I love chatting with her.  She also encourages me by leaving such kind and considerate comments on my blogs(and past blogs).

Happy Birthday, Jaclynn!! 😀

Love ya, girly!  I tried to get Harrison Ford to drive an eighteen-wheeler of donuts to your house for your present, but…you know how that goes xP  I hope you had an awesome day!


Shared Post: Something I need to say. — Flourishing by Restful Falls

Couldn’t agree with Hayley more!  Check it out!

There’s something I need to say. If you’re an American citizen, Trump IS your president. Period. Personally, I don’t think you can say you’re an American if you don’t accept the outcome of the election. Having your own view is good, but slamming down on our president is NOT ok. He is our commander […]

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“You challenge me to do lots of things!  Who do you think got me into all these different studies and devotionals that I’m doing?!”

One my BFFL’s and I were sitting cross-legged on the floor in her bedroom one Sunday afternoon after church(which is pretty much a weekly custom for us) braiding and knotting bracelets in a variety of colors.  We had been talking about some of the things we believe the Lord is leading us to do in the present and future, and somehow we rambled until we got onto the topic of how people can challenge us in our spiritual and everyday lives.

“You challenge me to do lots of things!”  She said.

Wait-ME??? , I thought.  This girl could do everything-she was athletic, competitive, a walking dictionary, smarter than I could comprehend, a pianist and clarinetist, excelled in seemingly all that she did, had the physical appearance of a model, and was a diligent, sweet, obedient, and extremely optimistic girl with such a love for the Lord.  This was the friend who always challenged me!

“Seriously?!  Like what?”,  I was curious to know.

She tilted her head and smiled,  “Who do you think got me into all these studies and devotionals that I’m doing?!”

“Wow…”  I responded.  I was totally shocked.

Everyone has probably heard at one time or another that you have young eyes looking up to you: younger sibs, the seven-year-old girl at church that run to your arms every service, and the nine-year-old boy who loves to high five you.  But those words, spoken by one of my closest friends who is nearly a year older than I, made me realize something mind-blowing; we leave an impression on everyone that we come in contact with.  I love how my Youth Pastor says it, “You’re an elevator.  You’re either bringing someone up or bringing someone down.”

That isn’t just referring to our words.  It’s how we live.  As a Christian, I have a responsibility to lead a life that reflects Christ’s love and my love for Him.  Young or old, people are watching me and you.  Why?  Because people are searching.  Those who don’t know Jesus are looking for love…peace…contentment…something to live for.  When they see those things in us, they can’t help but wonder what the source is.  But it doesn’t stop there.  Even Christians, me included, are looking for people out there to lift them up and encourage them in their walk with the Lord.  You may think that your light is insignificant, but it does emit a glow, and people can see it.  You can and do challenge others.  Who knows, that light that you carry just may be casting a light on another’s path that would be nearly impossible to walk without it.

Are you challenging others?  How do others challenge you?