Reign of Deceit~Part 2

Hello Everyone!:D Well, I wasn’t expecting to get Part 2 up so soon, but last night I couldn’t help but start writing the next part(writer’s addiction, you know ;D), and today I finished it!  So…here is the answer to that agonizing cliffhanger… XP


A man dressed entirely in black had emerged stealthily from the stable.  He crept slowly into the herd of horses and hopped onto a white stallion.  He held on to the beast’s flowing mane, for it appeared that he was going to ride bareback without any reins.  Even with his face covered by the dark mask, you could tell that he was worried as he looked over both shoulders to see if anyone was watching.  The stallion reared up, though strangely without the slightest whinny, and disappeared with it’s rider in of flash of white light.

You would expect someone to be frozen solid at such a sight, but the sight was not necessarily what froze me.  When the man of black turned to see if he was being watched, he looked directly at me.  Those dark, sinister eyes glared at me, and made my heart stop for a split second in fright.  My gut instinct told me that I would see those eyes glaring at me again, and not from a distance, but face to face.

My knees buckled beneath me, and I fell down on the hard, brick road.  Instantly, I felt pain in my right leg.  I looked down to see a splotch of blood that was increasing in size, staining my faded, purple dress.  Collette and Dixon had recovered from their shock without ending up on the ground like I, and were immediately at my side, creases of worry and confusion framing their brows.

“Are you alright?”  Collette grimaced as she noticed the enlarging blood stain on my dress.

“Yes, I’ll be fine.”  I winced as a result of the sting of my tiny wound.  “Can you two help me stand up, though?  We need to get out of these crowds.”

They nodded.  Understanding my meaning, and without hesitation, each grabbed one of my arms and helped me to my feet.  I limped as we made our way quickly to the corner of an alley where we were out of sight.

As we leaned up against a wall, breathing heavily,  Dixon was the first to speak.

“Have either of you seen him before?”  He whispered, referring to the mysterious man.

“No.”  I replied.  “But I have a feeling that we’ll see him again. ”

“I hope not!”  Collette shuddered.  “I’ve never believed in fairy tales, but I guess I’ll have to now.  And I can already tell you that the man we saw, was not Prince Charming.”

Dixon and I nodded somberly.

“Do you think that anyone else saw him?”  Dixon questioned, while motioning past the wall to where the villagers seemed oblivious to the event that had occurred.

I shook my head.  “No, I don’t think so.  For some odd reason, I feel that only we saw him and that we were the only ones that could see him anyways.  Something isn’t right here,” I began to limp out from our hiding spot and down the street towards the quiet stable, “and I plan to find out what it is…”





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