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I hope you will all have a great one, and take a moment to remember what the day is all about. ūüôā

Now on to the post!  Misty from Creative World Of Writing nominated me for the Wisteria Writing Tag.  THANK YA MIST:D:D:D

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Le Rules

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you.

  • Answer the ten questions asked.

  • Add ten (writing or book related) of your own.

  • Nominate ten people.

Why do you write?

  1. It’s a hobby, and something that I enjoy doing!¬† I love that there is a¬†universe of stories and genres out there to choose from, and that you can impact so many people!

2. I am huge on spreading awareness about different topics, and I dream of being a motivational speaker someday while being able to write books on those issues.

3. When it comes to my newfound¬†love of journaling, I feel as if it’s something I have to do.¬† I feel like if I don’t write down my feelings that they’ll just float away.¬† It’s like if I don’t, I’ll loose a part of me.

4. And¬†fiction, well, it’s really just…AMAZING.¬† Once again, even fiction stories can impact people so much, and it’s sad to realize how much junk is out there today that teens are grabbing up.¬† I want to be able to publish books that have clean fantasy and sci-fiction, with relationships that are wholesome and honoring to God!

 When did you start writing?

Only in last November actually(well, occasionally before that).  Kathleen introduced me to NaNoWriMo and encouraged me to check it out, and I did!  I only reached about 5000 words in that entire month, but it was a start!:D

 What/who inspired you to start writing?


 What are your top five favorite books/series?

*very dramatically*

Misty, Misty, I humbly thank you for your compassion in exceeding the number over the usual 1, but HOW CAN YOU DO THIS TO ME?!?!?!!

Ok, I’m calm now, lol!:D¬† Um…let’s see…The Bible, of course!¬† The Chronicles of Narnia, Life Behind The Wall series, The Bronze Bow, and I guess I’ll choose A Sparrow Alone. ūüôā

 Do you prefer to handwrite or type your stories? Why?

It depends-for songs and poetry I prefer to handwrite because I love to keep those things stored in note books and journals.  But for novel writing I DEFINITELY prefer to type-how else would I paste my novel into my NaNoWriMo word calculator(DO NOT TRY THE OTHER WAY, TRUST ME, I KNOW)??;D

 How do you document your ideas and inspiration?

Oh, mainly just in my mind, lol!:D¬† I like to completely free write, so I usually get my inspiration while I’m writing, from a writing prompt, or from something that someone else wrote!:)

 Are you interested in publication?

I would love to be a published, maybe even award-winning, authoress some day!¬† It’s definitely a side career that I have considered!

 What is your favorite genre to write in?

Adventure!¬† I also love to write sci-fiction and clean fantasy. ūüôā

 What is your favorite genre to read?

Ooooo!¬† That’s a hard one…um…probably adventure!:D

 Lastly, where do you hope to be as a writer in ten years?

Ah, ten years?!?!!¬† Uh, well, by that time I would like to be an authoress with several published novels, and of course by that time, I would like to have become a MUCH better writer. ūüôā


I tag¬† Emma –¬†Jaclynn¬†– Clara¬†– Allison¬†– Megan – ¬†Hayley¬† – Loren¬†– SarahK.A.¬†– Lily


‚ÄĘ Describe the main¬†character in your current writing project.

‚ÄĘ How long have you been writing?

‚ÄĘ What motivates you to write?

‚ÄĘ What is your go-to cure for writer’s block?

‚ÄĘ Poetry or prose?

‚ÄĘ Which deceased author/authoress would you have loved to meet?

‚ÄĘ At the moment, would you rather write or read?

‚ÄĘ Who is your favorite living¬†author/authoress?

‚ÄĘ What are your top three favorite books?

‚ÄĘ What is your top favorite book series?

Oh btw, I’m sorry if you’ve already done this or was nominated already-I was much to lazy to check,¬† Lol! ūüėõ

A writing piece will be coming soon!



Name That Character Round 1 + New Blogs

Hello All!

I’m sure that many of you have participated in a Name That _ at some time.¬† This one is called Name That Character, and it’s a little different from your average game.¬† I will give a simple description of a nameless character-their personalities, interests, life story, time era, physical description, ect. and you will give the character a name(first, middle, and last).¬† But here’s the catch; I’m going to do a little research on each of the names that you guys gave to see how accurate the name would be for that character.¬† For instance, maybe her personality is that she is spunky and out-going.¬† So, you might look up a name meaning spunky, and if you used it, then there’s a point!¬† If you can describe her/him in each name, then you automatically qualify for the poll.¬† Once the round is over, I’ll let you all vote on the poll for which name you think describes that character best!¬† Sound fun?!¬† If you have any questions, ask below in the comments!:D

Character #1

Gender: Girl

Age: 17

Time Era:  21st century

Personality: Quite, polite, but brave, and will put in a wise word when needed.  Self-less and has a casual, but unique sense of style.

Physical Description: Brown hair, brown eyes, tall and slender, fair skin.

Loves:  Animals, snow, hanging out with her close-knit group of three friends, horse-back riding, soccer, hiking, hot chocolate, lasagna, graphic designing, and a good book.

Life Story: She lives in North Carolina with four siblings and her parents.  She was born in Alaska but moved to the mainland when she was three.  Her dream is to go back to live in Alaska in a spacious timber, log cabin, have a team of huskies, and run her own animal hospital.

Name:  You decide!!:D

Also I have announcement to make: I now have a life-style blog and Maddi and I started a music blog!  I would LOVE it if you guys would check them out!:D

So long!



Reign of Deceit ~ Part 4

Hello Everyone!

Long while no see!¬† For that, I’m¬†truly¬†sorry.¬† I haven’t been able to get on the internet at all for almost the entire week, but, I’m back!:D And, as you can tell by the title, so is Reign of Deceit!!¬† I hope you guys enjoy this next part, and in case you’ve forgotten or missed some other parts, click them!:D

Part 1 РPart 2 РPart 3



“Wow…”¬† I breathed.

I heard Collette gasp in awe.  Dixon simply stood there with his mouth agape.

“It is a beautiful diamond, though very powerful, mind you.”¬† The horse said.¬† The three of us jumped in fright, and Collette’s face was turning as white as sheeps’ wool.

“You-you-you’re ta-talking?!??!?” I stammered.

It’s hard to describe a horse’s laugh, but she did, making us frightened all the more.

“Yes. I am talking. But don’t let looks fool you, dear.” She replied.

“Wh-what do you mean?” I questioned, still in utter shock at the prospect of talking to an animal.

She sighed. “It’s a long story…tell me, did any of the villagers recognize the Masked One?”

I contemplated for a moment.¬† “The man who disappeared on the white stallion?¬† No, I don’t believe so.¬† It was odd.¬†¬†But, then again, this whole day has seemed like a mysterious dream.”¬† I smiled uneasily as I fidgeted with one of my golden locks.

“Then we were correct.” She replied confidently.

“We?¬† And about what?”

“Yes. We.”¬† She tossed her head to the side, as if to refer to the herd of horses behind her.¬† “And,”¬† She¬†added ¬†“I will explain that later.”

“Do they talk, too?”¬† Dixon asked, the first words¬†had spoken¬†to the horse.¬† Collette still stood there, her eyes hollow in shock-looking rather ill.

“Of course, Lad.” She smiled sympathatically at the two sheepish siblings.¬† She turned her head.¬†“Everyone say hello to-um…what are your names, dears?”

“I’m Giselle,” Motioning to my friends I added “And this is Collette and Dixon.”.

Dixon nodded politely, while Collette gave a weak smile.

“And I’m Sabine.” She turned to face the other horses. “Everyone, meet our friends, Giselle, Dixon, and Collette.”

Several horses called out in greeting, some with deep manly voices, others with the soft voice of a young woman, and even those who sounded much like little children.

After we become acquainted¬†with several of them, all eyes were once again drawn to Sabine as she¬†asked mysteriously¬†¬†“Children.¬† How would you three like to go on a little trip?”.

“Uh, sure!”¬† I said nodded readily.¬† I looked to the others.

“I’m in.”¬† Dixon agreed.¬† “Collette?”

“Might as well,”¬† she said shakily¬† “this day couldn’t get any more exciting.”.

Sabine chuckled.¬† “Young One, this is only the beginning…”



CWWC Entry #6: The Fate of A Hero, Part 2

Loren: I used three prompts.



“Agent Kitts.”¬† The Chief stood in¬†his office¬†doorway wearing a serious, but calm, look.

I stood up from the chair that I had been sitting in and followed him into the room as he motioned me to come in.

He closed the door gently behind us, and I was surprised to see a fellow agent, Jason Porter, leaning over a¬†rather large map that was spread across the Chief’s desk; nearly covering it completely.¬† He looked up and nodded politely to me, then was once again obsorbed with studying what was laid out before him.¬† I followed the Chief over to his desk, and he sat down behind it.¬† Folding his hands he asked, “Kitts, how much do you know about Ember Bailey?”.

“Ember Bailey?” ¬†I questioned.¬† ”¬†You’re talking about our founder right?¬† The founder of The Knights Of Gemienis?”

“Yes.”¬† He exchanged a queer look with Porter.¬† “Do you know anything else?”.

“Well, I know her story…at least, the part that every agent knows.”¬† I replied.

“So you know nothing else about Ember Bailey?”

“Um…no, Sir…”.¬† By now I was becoming quite confused.

He exchanged another odd look with Porter while he scratched his stubbly chin.

“I see.¬† Well, Kitts, I have a special mission for you and Agent Porter here.”¬† He said while lowering his voice and leaning over his desk.

I looked at both men in turn, waiting for the Chief to continue.

“For a long time now we have had trouble with a secret society.¬† They cause most of the damage that are our daily cases.¬†”

I nodded.  I had worked on a couple of the cases myself.

“The problem is capturing the members.¬† They’re spread out-everywhere, even seemingly ordinary citizens belong to this society-and their ring leader has never been seen.¬† The only thing we know about their leader is that it’s cunning, brave, brutal, relentless…and for some unknown reason it appears to be hunting our agents.”


“So the gender of the leader is unknown?”¬† I asked curiously.

“Correct.¬† There have been no sightings.¬† But we know it is¬†there.¬† Now every door on this planet seems to scream out the truth that¬†our¬†world’s not safe anymore.¬† It hasn’t been¬†safe since before Ember Bailey’s time.”¬† He sighed.¬† “Now-”



“Excuse me Sir, but you keep going back and forth between two conversations-is Ember Bailey and this society connected?”¬† I interrupted.

He looked questioningly at Porter.¬† Jason nodded.¬† “Go ahead.¬† Tell her.”.

“Alright.”¬† The Chief agreed hesistantly, then looked at me directly in the eyes.¬† “Reese, there is another world.¬† It is said that no one ever comes back if they stray past the world’s border.¬† What lies beyond is unknown.”







Ride The Moment

The wind whipping through my golden waves; my knuckles clutching the coarse wires called the mane. ¬†The sounds of hooves padding the ground in a gentle and steady rhythm, the deep breathing of my faithful beast, and gentle waves washing the sandy shore. ¬†Who ever knew that one could be transported to another world by simply riding with the wind? ¬†This is freedom. This feeling of freedom can not be tamed. ¬†This feeling of peace can not be denied. ¬†The feeling of life flooding through my veins seems as if it had been generated from the animal that allows me to sit upon it’s back. ¬†This is a feeling that only a rider knows. ¬†That only a rider can¬†know. ¬†This feeling can not be explained; only felt. ¬†So ride the wind, feel the freedom, live the life. ¬†This moment will not last forever. ¬†It is a piece of Heaven that every rider prays to know over and over again, until she can ride for an eternity…


P.S. I’m sorry that this was so short!


CWWC Entry #5: This World Isn’t Safe, And Neither Is The Other

Hello Everyone!:D

Yes, I know.¬† Sadly I’ve missed two CWWC challenges and one AWWC, but that was because on one I forgot the deadline(again…), and the other time was because I couldn’t get on the internet(we don’t have unlimited internet, and we went over on data, so yeah…).¬† Anyways, enough with my excuses(:D), let’s get on with my entry!¬† Loren, I used 7 prompts. ūüėČ



“The world’s not safe anymore.¬† It’s better for you to stay indoors.¬† For your own good.”¬† My Mother had told my sisters and I for what seemed like an eternity.¬† Ever since an event in my very early childhood, that seemingly erased from my memory, my world consisted of very little.¬† My father was always away looking for what work he could find, and food was increasingly scarce.¬† I remember times in the middle of the night when my youngest sister, Lindsey, would wake up screaming because of hunger pains.¬† Every day seemed like a nightmare to the three little girls that spent most of day sitting on the stairs; waiting for their father to come home with their next meal, which usually was, moldy bread.¬† We didn’t complain, though.¬† It tasted like Heaven to us.


It wasn’t until I was ten years old that I began to become more and more curious about the outside world.¬† Now I’m thirteen, and nothing has changed.¬† My curiosity has only increased.¬† One night, I finally hatched a plan to fulfill my dream.

The bedroom that Lindsey, Lacey, and I shared was deafly silent.¬† The window was shut, so not a whiff of fresh air had been admitted.¬† I lay in bed; the fraying, white sheet pulled up to my chin, which was the bed’s only covering.¬† My eyes, adjusted to no light, stared at the window, which revealed but more darkness.¬† No stars were visible, and the reason my parents would say, is that our apartment faced an alley, whatever an alley was.

“Tonight is the night.¬† Chance it.”¬† A voice in my head would echo with a voice like cymbals.

“Are you crazy?”¬† Another voice argued.¬† “You haven’t been outside the apartment in ten years!¬† You would be foolish to go out there.”

I tossed and turned fitfully; sweat on my brow.¬† This may be stupid, but I was dying to try!¬† Who knows when my parents would turn me loose out of this stuffy prison…”Maybe never.”¬† I sighed inwardly.

“It’s either now or never.”¬† I told myself determinedly.

I sat up quietly in bed and tip toed across the ruff, wooden floor boards to the window.  I quietly opened the window and hesitantly threw myself through it out onto the fire escape.  I looked warily out into the night, and once again the voice cried for me to return to my, not warm, but safe, bed.  I shook my head to rid my mind of all the doubts and fears.  I wanted to box up all the bad memories of this place and forget them for the moment.


I would come back, but before I came back, I had to leave.

I walked over to the end of the fire escape, and carefully, climbed the ladder that descended into the dark, and I soon noticed, putrid mist of the alley.

“I’m out of the apartment.”¬† I breathed with relief.¬† “Now it’s time for some adventures.”

I walked quickly through the intimidating alley; being mindful not to run into a dumpster, though nearly tripping over a rotting banana peel.

Suddenly I saw light ahead.¬† “The city!”¬†my mind cried excitedly.¬† I ran; the light becoming brighter and brighter, until suddenly, I noticed something odd about it.¬† I also noticed that I was no longer in an alley.¬† I was surrounded by leafy branches and bushes; a pond shimmered with moonlight, and stars hung over head.¬† This was certainly¬†not¬†the city.¬† The lights flashed on and off…everywhere.¬† To my awe, one of the flashing lights landed on my hand, and I realized that this light was alive.


My eyes were glued in¬†amazement¬†to these fluttering creatures, and I nearly fainted in shock when I heard the one standing one my hand, whisper “No one ever comes back if they stray past the border; what lies beyond is unknown.”..


“Wh-what b-border?”¬† I stammered.

It flew towards the pond, then looked back at me as a mirror appeared in the ripples.

“A m-mirror?¬† Am I envisioning things?”¬† I questioned.

“What you see is there.¬† But take heed to this warning: mirror are passages to fantastic worlds, guarded by creatures called The Ferrymen.”¬† It whispered in reply with a crystal, mystical-like voice.

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“Who are The Ferrymen?”¬† I asked warily.

“You will see if you dare pass the border.¬† Adventure awaits, but danger lurks in hidden places.¬† Use knowledge, listen to the voice in your head, and always beware of what could happen.¬† If you do these things, you will live.¬† But there is no guarantee¬†of return.”¬† It replied.

After a moment of contemplation, I declared “I’ll do it.”.

“Then go.¬† I wish you success.”¬† And with that, all of the flashing creatures disappeared, but the mirror was still there.

I walked slowly towards it and was¬†soon looking down at my reflection of fair colored and rather sunken cheeks, blue eyes, and wavy auburn hair.¬† I breathed shakily, and walked down into the water.¬† As soon as the water was up to my knees, the mirror put on arms and seemed to pull me down, and I was not strong enough to free myself from it’s grasps.¬† I spun in a whirlpool; farther and farther down I went, spinning around furiously, until suddenly I was thrown out of it.¬† I could hear the breaking of glass and feel the hard, sudden impact of ground beneath me.

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I lay there; trying to feel my lungs with air, feeling as if air had never been admitted into my body before.  I pushed myself slowly up from the ground, and looked straight into the steely eyes of two beasts, which I knew had to be, The Ferrymen.


P.S. This piece had over 900 words!!*gasps*:D





BIBPC Entry #7

Hello All!:D

This is the last category of BIBPC. ūüė• I’m so sad.

The category was “Action” I believe(or something like that, lol xP), so here is my entry! :


This here is what we call a horse “laugh”, or in this case, a horse “whine”.¬† As you can see, our boarded horse, Sunny, was not happy about not being fed at that moment. xP

Story Behind The Photo

I took this¬†photo a couple of months ago while taking a photo shoot of Sunny.¬† Rarely does she whinny like this, so I was pleased to be fortunate enough to have the camera lens focused on her when she posed for this hilarious picture!¬† She was moving while taking this photo, so that’s why I used it for this category. ūüėČ

“See” ya!:D