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I hope you will all have a great one, and take a moment to remember what the day is all about. 🙂

Now on to the post!  Misty from Creative World Of Writing nominated me for the Wisteria Writing Tag.  THANK YA MIST:D:D:D

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Le Rules

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Why do you write?

  1. It’s a hobby, and something that I enjoy doing!  I love that there is a universe of stories and genres out there to choose from, and that you can impact so many people!

2. I am huge on spreading awareness about different topics, and I dream of being a motivational speaker someday while being able to write books on those issues.

3. When it comes to my newfound love of journaling, I feel as if it’s something I have to do.  I feel like if I don’t write down my feelings that they’ll just float away.  It’s like if I don’t, I’ll loose a part of me.

4. And fiction, well, it’s really just…AMAZING.  Once again, even fiction stories can impact people so much, and it’s sad to realize how much junk is out there today that teens are grabbing up.  I want to be able to publish books that have clean fantasy and sci-fiction, with relationships that are wholesome and honoring to God!

 When did you start writing?

Only in last November actually(well, occasionally before that).  Kathleen introduced me to NaNoWriMo and encouraged me to check it out, and I did!  I only reached about 5000 words in that entire month, but it was a start!:D

 What/who inspired you to start writing?


 What are your top five favorite books/series?

*very dramatically*

Misty, Misty, I humbly thank you for your compassion in exceeding the number over the usual 1, but HOW CAN YOU DO THIS TO ME?!?!?!!

Ok, I’m calm now, lol!:D  Um…let’s see…The Bible, of course!  The Chronicles of Narnia, Life Behind The Wall series, The Bronze Bow, and I guess I’ll choose A Sparrow Alone. 🙂

 Do you prefer to handwrite or type your stories? Why?

It depends-for songs and poetry I prefer to handwrite because I love to keep those things stored in note books and journals.  But for novel writing I DEFINITELY prefer to type-how else would I paste my novel into my NaNoWriMo word calculator(DO NOT TRY THE OTHER WAY, TRUST ME, I KNOW)??;D

 How do you document your ideas and inspiration?

Oh, mainly just in my mind, lol!:D  I like to completely free write, so I usually get my inspiration while I’m writing, from a writing prompt, or from something that someone else wrote!:)

 Are you interested in publication?

I would love to be a published, maybe even award-winning, authoress some day!  It’s definitely a side career that I have considered!

 What is your favorite genre to write in?

Adventure!  I also love to write sci-fiction and clean fantasy. 🙂

 What is your favorite genre to read?

Ooooo!  That’s a hard one…um…probably adventure!:D

 Lastly, where do you hope to be as a writer in ten years?

Ah, ten years?!?!!  Uh, well, by that time I would like to be an authoress with several published novels, and of course by that time, I would like to have become a MUCH better writer. 🙂


I tag  Emma – Jaclynn – Clara – Allison – Megan –  Hayley  – Loren – SarahK.A. – Lily


• Describe the main character in your current writing project.

• How long have you been writing?

• What motivates you to write?

• What is your go-to cure for writer’s block?

• Poetry or prose?

• Which deceased author/authoress would you have loved to meet?

• At the moment, would you rather write or read?

• Who is your favorite living author/authoress?

• What are your top three favorite books?

• What is your top favorite book series?

Oh btw, I’m sorry if you’ve already done this or was nominated already-I was much to lazy to check,  Lol! 😛

A writing piece will be coming soon!