what’s up? {what’s new with me & my fab life}

Hey Y’all!

I know I’ve been pretty inactive these past few months around the ‘blogosphere’ in general.  I’m finally getting my blogging inspiration back now, and I’m….

•·• MOVING •·•

 It’s not 100% positive yet (it’s kind of complicated), but as of the moment my family and I are planning moving to the other side of the nation in about two weeks.  Yeah.  I’m excited about what seems like quite a few pros, but I’m also a bundle of nerves about leaving my friends and completely restarting.  It’s been pretty tough at times since I’ll be moving away from the state I’ve called home for the past eight years and the same home for the past seven.  But hey, God’s got my back, so I can put on a genuine brave face. 🙂  Some of the possible advantages of moving will be…

1.)  Getting to go to a Christian camp with a wagon train week for teen girls(basically a horse camp, but I think we’d be on the trail for most, if not all, of the time).

2.)  Getting to take piano and possibly vocal at a music school.

3.)  Awesome wildlife photography opportunities, so I’m hoping to launch my Etsy shop at the latter part of the summer or the beginning of the new school year.


4.)  I’ve already got a babysitting job(my two sweet cousins <3) lined up, and my aunt may be able to hook me up with some others!

5.)  My mom and aunt will be working at a ice cream/gift shop at the docks over the summer, so I may be able to work some odd jobs there too.

6.)  Since I’ll finally be able to get some jobs, I’m also hoping to do something that I really think y’all will be excited about-just can’t say yet ;P

7.)  I’m probably going to be getting a new bike when we get up there and since it’s a real small town, I’ll be able to ride it to nearly everywhere!


8.)  Lots of new fitness and outdoor opportunities!

9.)  And like I mentioned earlier, we’ll be near my some of my fam!

10.)  Oh!  And I almost forgot—COFFEE SHOPS(they’re on the docks too(perfect place to write;D))!!!  I really want a frappe right now….*sighs*


So yeah, lots ‘o’ good stuff, but they’re all possibilities. 😉

Now y’all are probably tired of me rambling about my big move coming up, so here are some new things I’m wanting to do that involves Y’ALL.

•·• blogging •·•

1.)  Start blogging consistently!  Ok, so it doesn’t involve y’all directly, but ya get what I mean 😉

2.)  Host a writing challenge!  I would appreciate some feedback on this so I’ll know if this is something y’all would like to participate in. 😀


3.)  I’ve almost finished the new blog design!

4.)  Monthly Recaps/Goals posts.

5.)  Do some more plotting/planning for Reign of Deceit so I can continue the series, and I’m also considering doing another.

•·• RANDOM •·•

1.)  THE LAST JEDI TEASER TRAILER!!!  CLICK HERE NOW!!!  The end is killing me!!!  I may cry!!!   IT CAN’T HAPPEN!  IT JUST CAN’T!

Credit to the owner of image

2.)  I’m officially in love with everything maroon, burgundy, army green, and my long time fave, emerald blue. 😀 Like beanies, jean jackets, and finger-less gloves-yes, I’m still not ready to say goodbye to winter, lol 😛

3.)  I would like to branch out a little more and start submitting some articles to other magazines (I’m a writer for the e-magazine, SKG Fun).

Credit via SKG Fun

4.)  Hoping to start reading the KOLC series this summer!!! 😀

5.)  I would like to put some more time and effort into four things I adore: photography, art, fiction writing, and songwriting.

6.)  I’m also hoping to get into crafting again, and I’m wanting to start scrap-booking this summer.

Well, that’s about all for now.  What’s up with y’all? 😀


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The Crazy Happenings of My Crazy Life + “What Happened to MFL?”

Hullo, my friends!

I fell of the face of the earth and visited Tatooine No, I haven’t, fortunately, fallen of the face of the earth-but my life has been CRAZY!

1.) We almost moved

On October 31st, my dad announced that he had gotten the job he applied for which would have moved us to the other side of the States.  We were in the crazy-excited-hectic-packing-selling mode, and then-whoosh!  He ended up not getting the job after all.  BUT, he might be getting a different job in the next couple of months, and then we’ll be moving.  So yeah.  And now half of my room is packed up-INCLUDING MY ENTIRE BOOK SHELF!  I ONLY HAVE LIKE, THREE BOOKS RIGHT NOW!!!  THREE!!! *CRIES* HOW WILL I SURVIVE?!?!?!!!  Ah well.  Enough of my dramatic self.

2.) UH…life???

Yup.  Life.  That’s my only other excuse, lol! Very busy life…;P  But anywhoo, I’ve got some announcements to make!

1.) 50 FOLLOWERS!!!

YIPEE!!!*throws confetti* *blows party horns* *has an epic dance party* *passes out brownie sundaes* Well, make that 51 now! ;D 😀  I can’t thank you guys enough-it’s means so so so SOOO much to me that so many people want to read my bits-and-pieces of this-and-that writings!

2.) New blog name and URL

For those of you who haven’t figured it out yet, the new blog name is Direct My Paths, and the URL is https://directmypaths.wordpress.com.

3.) New blog content

I’ll still be sharing my writings, but I’ve decided to make this an all around lifestyle blog, and also with posts about what God is teaching me in my walk with Him. 🙂 A couple of the pages have been added or updated, so feel free to take a look at those if you like. 😉 Why all the changes?  First, I’ve decided that there are things in life that I really need to prioritize, and honestly, having a blog here and a blog there gets VERY overwhelming.  Aside from that, I feel that the Lord is calling me to spend more time and put more effort into STL and the ministry there.  I feel I can now be more effective since I combined My Forgotten Library and Simply Lainey into what is now Direct My Paths, and I can also write more “spiritually-minded” posts, if ya get what I mean. 😉  I hope you guys won’t mind all the changes!  Get ready to see a lot of photography, art, ramblings, and OF COURSE, writing posts. 😀

Also, do you guys have any thoughts on the blog design?  I would really appreciate y’all’s opinions.  Thanks so much!! 😀

Stay tuned,


P.S.  I’m going to be writing for an e-magazine in 2017!  Check it out:  http://southkakalakigirl.com

Name That Character Round 1 + New Blogs

Hello All!

I’m sure that many of you have participated in a Name That _ at some time.  This one is called Name That Character, and it’s a little different from your average game.  I will give a simple description of a nameless character-their personalities, interests, life story, time era, physical description, ect. and you will give the character a name(first, middle, and last).  But here’s the catch; I’m going to do a little research on each of the names that you guys gave to see how accurate the name would be for that character.  For instance, maybe her personality is that she is spunky and out-going.  So, you might look up a name meaning spunky, and if you used it, then there’s a point!  If you can describe her/him in each name, then you automatically qualify for the poll.  Once the round is over, I’ll let you all vote on the poll for which name you think describes that character best!  Sound fun?!  If you have any questions, ask below in the comments!:D

Character #1

Gender: Girl

Age: 17

Time Era:  21st century

Personality: Quite, polite, but brave, and will put in a wise word when needed.  Self-less and has a casual, but unique sense of style.

Physical Description: Brown hair, brown eyes, tall and slender, fair skin.

Loves:  Animals, snow, hanging out with her close-knit group of three friends, horse-back riding, soccer, hiking, hot chocolate, lasagna, graphic designing, and a good book.

Life Story: She lives in North Carolina with four siblings and her parents.  She was born in Alaska but moved to the mainland when she was three.  Her dream is to go back to live in Alaska in a spacious timber, log cabin, have a team of huskies, and run her own animal hospital.

Name:  You decide!!:D

Also I have announcement to make: I now have a life-style blog and Maddi and I started a music blog!  I would LOVE it if you guys would check them out!:D

So long!