Name That Character Round 1 + New Blogs

Hello All!

I’m sure that many of you have participated in a Name That _ at some time.  This one is called Name That Character, and it’s a little different from your average game.  I will give a simple description of a nameless character-their personalities, interests, life story, time era, physical description, ect. and you will give the character a name(first, middle, and last).  But here’s the catch; I’m going to do a little research on each of the names that you guys gave to see how accurate the name would be for that character.  For instance, maybe her personality is that she is spunky and out-going.  So, you might look up a name meaning spunky, and if you used it, then there’s a point!  If you can describe her/him in each name, then you automatically qualify for the poll.  Once the round is over, I’ll let you all vote on the poll for which name you think describes that character best!  Sound fun?!  If you have any questions, ask below in the comments!:D

Character #1

Gender: Girl

Age: 17

Time Era:  21st century

Personality: Quite, polite, but brave, and will put in a wise word when needed.  Self-less and has a casual, but unique sense of style.

Physical Description: Brown hair, brown eyes, tall and slender, fair skin.

Loves:  Animals, snow, hanging out with her close-knit group of three friends, horse-back riding, soccer, hiking, hot chocolate, lasagna, graphic designing, and a good book.

Life Story: She lives in North Carolina with four siblings and her parents.  She was born in Alaska but moved to the mainland when she was three.  Her dream is to go back to live in Alaska in a spacious timber, log cabin, have a team of huskies, and run her own animal hospital.

Name:  You decide!!:D

Also I have announcement to make: I now have a life-style blog and Maddi and I started a music blog!  I would LOVE it if you guys would check them out!:D

So long!