Check Out the Fantasy Issue of SKG Fun!

Hey there! 😀

Guess what!  The Fantasy issue of of SKG Fun magazine is here!  Check it out and read my article, Curiosity Killed the Cat.


Grab your unicorns and put on your tiara, because the fantasy edition of SKGfun is here! Enjoy articles inspired by The Hobbit Alice in Wonderland The Giver Charlie and the Chocolate Factory & more! Discover new books, find out if you’re an introvert, read an inspirational article on making a bucket list, and receive tips…

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The Crazy Happenings of My Crazy Life + “What Happened to MFL?”

Hullo, my friends!

I fell of the face of the earth and visited Tatooine No, I haven’t, fortunately, fallen of the face of the earth-but my life has been CRAZY!

1.) We almost moved

On October 31st, my dad announced that he had gotten the job he applied for which would have moved us to the other side of the States.  We were in the crazy-excited-hectic-packing-selling mode, and then-whoosh!  He ended up not getting the job after all.  BUT, he might be getting a different job in the next couple of months, and then we’ll be moving.  So yeah.  And now half of my room is packed up-INCLUDING MY ENTIRE BOOK SHELF!  I ONLY HAVE LIKE, THREE BOOKS RIGHT NOW!!!  THREE!!! *CRIES* HOW WILL I SURVIVE?!?!?!!!  Ah well.  Enough of my dramatic self.

2.) UH…life???

Yup.  Life.  That’s my only other excuse, lol! Very busy life…;P  But anywhoo, I’ve got some announcements to make!

1.) 50 FOLLOWERS!!!

YIPEE!!!*throws confetti* *blows party horns* *has an epic dance party* *passes out brownie sundaes* Well, make that 51 now! ;D 😀  I can’t thank you guys enough-it’s means so so so SOOO much to me that so many people want to read my bits-and-pieces of this-and-that writings!

2.) New blog name and URL

For those of you who haven’t figured it out yet, the new blog name is Direct My Paths, and the URL is

3.) New blog content

I’ll still be sharing my writings, but I’ve decided to make this an all around lifestyle blog, and also with posts about what God is teaching me in my walk with Him. 🙂 A couple of the pages have been added or updated, so feel free to take a look at those if you like. 😉 Why all the changes?  First, I’ve decided that there are things in life that I really need to prioritize, and honestly, having a blog here and a blog there gets VERY overwhelming.  Aside from that, I feel that the Lord is calling me to spend more time and put more effort into STL and the ministry there.  I feel I can now be more effective since I combined My Forgotten Library and Simply Lainey into what is now Direct My Paths, and I can also write more “spiritually-minded” posts, if ya get what I mean. 😉  I hope you guys won’t mind all the changes!  Get ready to see a lot of photography, art, ramblings, and OF COURSE, writing posts. 😀

Also, do you guys have any thoughts on the blog design?  I would really appreciate y’all’s opinions.  Thanks so much!! 😀

Stay tuned,


P.S.  I’m going to be writing for an e-magazine in 2017!  Check it out: