10 Reasons Why the Light Side is Better Than the Dark Side

Hey Everyone!

Soooooo, Emma wrote a post entitled 10 Reasons Why the Dark Side is Better Than the Light Side, and being the loyal Rebel/Jedi that I am, I had to write a post that defeated those reasons…. 😀

let the friendly debate begin!

1.  The Light technically has more followers than the Dark because the Empire/First Order/etc. clones most of their people from birth. NR roundel


Image result for stormtrooper2.  Dark Siders have zero self-control.

3.  Jedi have naturally awesome names.  Dark Siders just aren’t content with theirs.

4.  Jedi serve the innocent; Sith slaughter the innocent. MP-Duel1

5.  Dark Siders are weak minded.  I mean, Rey, a girl with no Jedi training, utterly defeated Kylo Ren.

Planets-Yavin6.  The Rebels always outsmart the Empire/First Order/etc.

7.  The only reason why the Dark Side has a stronger impression on people is from terror.  The Light uses respect. MP-FalconJedi Order

8.  The Empire couldn’t even construct a Death Star.  It was a Rebel.

9. The Empire wouldn’t even have been able to power the Death Star if it wasn’t for the Jedi.  They powered it with our Kyber crystals.

10.  Like you said, the Dark Side has never won…and they never will…



Images via starwars.wikia.com




8 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why the Light Side is Better Than the Dark Side

  1. *clears throat*
    1. That’s actually not true. Most of the storm troopers are all real people that have been drafted to be storm troopers since birth. I believe it was the JEDI who made the clone army. So. There.
    2. Completely false. The Emperor and Darth Vader and Grand Admiral Thrawn all had very good self control. You can’t just see Kylo Ren and say Dark Siders have zero self control. Because that would be like saying all Jedi have an abundance of self control. *looks at Anakin*
    3. The reason Sith change their names is to have a symbol of their rebirth into the Darkness. It’s not that we are discontent. -.-
    5. Kylo Ren was SHOT in the side with Chewbacca’s cross bow, which sends normal people across a battle field, DEAD. The fact that Kylo Ren could even survive that, let alone FIGHT is a miracle. Plus, Kylo Ren’s goal in the fight wasn’t to kill her, so he wouldn’t be trying to kill her and defeat her like that. He wanted an apprentice, and that will change the way you fight.
    And those kyber crystals aren’t the Jedi’s. -.-

    Some of the points you made are valid, except the last one, but I’m not complaining about them. Because some of them are the whole points of being on the Dark Side in the first place. SO BOOM. DARK SIDE WINS. 😏
    P.S. Totally friendly argument right back…

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    1. 1. True, the Jedi may have started the clone army, but it still doesn’t erase the fact that they probably wouldn’t have had as many followers. They were influenced by the Empire/First Order from birth. It was all they ever knew. And besides, they didn’t have any choice in the matter on what side they wanted to be on unless they wanted to be as daring as Finn and try to escape. The followers of the Rebellion were there by their own choice, and no one was forcing them to stay.
      2. Yeah, maybe some of them in the ‘temper sense’, but the ones who willingly converted to the Dark Side didn’t because they couldn’t control their feelings/emotions (anger, hatred, fear, etc.) which led them to the Darkness in the first place.
      3. I get the ‘rebirth’ part, but seriously, but I think it was more that they just wanted to forget their former selves than anything else. If they were constantly reminded of their former selves, it would have probably hindered their strength. They were afraid of weakness because they knew that they could be swayed to come back to the Light. That just shows more weakness on the Dark Side’s part.
      5. Physically, sure, he could probably get away with it, but Rey is like a million times better with the Force. Kylo Ren can never defeat her using mind tricks.
      The Kyber Crystals belonged to the Jedi until the Empire stole them.
      The Dark Side will never win…

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