Happy Birthday, Jaclynn <3

Hey Y’all!

For those of you who don’t know, today is Jaclynn’s eighteenth birthday(:0 She’s SO old)! I’ve know this AMAZING teen online for around two years, I believe, and I treasure her friendship greatly.  She is so sweet, passionate, and talented, and I love chatting with her.  She also encourages me by leaving such kind and considerate comments on my blogs(and past blogs).

Happy Birthday, Jaclynn!! 😀

Love ya, girly!  I tried to get Harrison Ford to drive an eighteen-wheeler of donuts to your house for your present, but…you know how that goes xP  I hope you had an awesome day!



6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Jaclynn <3

  1. AWWW! Lainey you are so sweet!! I was smiling and then laughed at the end and my dad asked me; what’s so funny? So I read it to him and he laughed, too! XD
    Thank you SO much!! That would have been an amazing present. O_O LOLOL!

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    1. Happy Birthday, Girl! WOW!!! You CAN”T be that old, can you??? I didn’t think you were that old! Haha! 😉 😀 There are a LOT of people who are posting about your birthday, they certainly care about you! As do I! We need to have a long talk again sometime!

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