Yes, I’m a Procrastinator {Star Wars Style}

Yep, I’m a pro Procrastinator, but hey, I know that I can’t be the only one out there.  If you’re a fellow Procrastinator *high fives and fist bumps to all of my colleagues*, you can probably relate to the following scenarios…

*credit to the owners of GIFs*

So you finally did something without procrastinating, and then someone has to go and completely burst your bubble.


Thanks a ton, Han.  You’re a HUGE help.

Naturally, you can’t help but think…


Why try?

Well according to Yoda,


UGH.  How about the “do not” option? xP


Ever heard yourself saying this?  “Can you PLEASE go get me another piece of pizza?  I can’t move.”  Yeah, probably so.  We’d be much happier if we could just use the Force…

Ok, I’ve just got to say that this GIF is EPIC! 😀

Unfortunately, that’s not how the Force works.


But maybe, just maybe, we can stop being Procrastinators someday.


And that’s when you all reply…


Because let’s face it; Procrastinators are awesome.  *puts on sporty sun glasses*

Are YOU a Procrastinator?





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