NaNoWriMo IS IN 4 DAYS!!!


The new NaNo site has some negatives and positives.  The downside is that I’m pretty sure that we can’t “friend” or PM each other anymore.  However, I am so stoked that we can actually write our novel online(That will make writing so much easier in my opinion)!  My novel is called A Greater Divide.  It’s going to be an adventure/dystopian/fantasy novel and my word count goal is 25,000(I AM SO EXCITED/NERVOUS).  Anywhooo, who would like to read my novel summary?! *raises hands and jumps up and down* Of course you do!  Well, here it is anyways! 😛

All Rive, Deniz, and Saniel have known are boundaries and destruction. Everything that Annyah and Marius have been exposed to is sickness and death. While embarking on separate journeys to search for a better life, they cross paths; and find that the others’ loads are surprisingly no lighter than their own. This fact soon leaves them with millions of questions like “Who or what tore our world apart?” and “Why has no one searched for the answers?”. However, the answers will not be sufficient enough until each teen has conquered a greater divide within themselves.

I am already falling head over heels my characters!  Eeek! 😀

My username is Lainey, so if you see me around in the forums, I’d love to chat with you!!

Are you participating in National Novel Writing Month?





17 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo IS IN 4 DAYS!!!

  1. I’m participating! Someone said that since the new site is a beta site, they won’t have friends until possibly Nov 1st, but they probably WILL still have it- which is a HUGE relief to ME! PHEWY! 😛 😉 Haha! 😀 I’m SO EXCITEDLY NERVOUS FOR MY NOVEL EEK!

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      1. YES, no problem! 😛 🙂 I SURE HOPE THAT THEY HAVE BUDDIES!! EEK! I can NOT believe that NANO IS IN TWO DAYS THAT IS TOTALLY FREAKY!!!! HEEEEEEEEEELP MEEE!!!!!! On Tuesday (probably won’t happen buuuut.. :/ ;)) I want to get up at like midnight thirty (XD) and see it say ‘nano is now on’ or whatever it says, so that I can write from one in the morning till like… FRIDAY! XD Haha!

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      2. Actually, YES I DID! XD Hahaha!!!!!!! :O O: I got up when it started (but only wrote for an hour) As of right now I have 3,064 words written! :O YAAAY! HOw much do you have of yours?

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      3. Wow, that’s awesome!!! 😀 😀 😀
        NICE!! Unfortunately only 1,923 words so far-my family is going to be moving to the other side of the US early next month so we are in full-packing-and-selling-mode right now. So I’ve only had the evenings for writing and blogging. 😉


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