TTIWC #4: A Life Bare of Love


It is said that a kingdom rests on it’s rulers,

On Kings, Queens, Princes, and their beautiful Daughters.

So richly pleasant it seems to be,

But there is one who calls it treachery.

She has brunette hair,

Wears scarlet, cream and white.

How she despises the dignitary life!

She names it a dreadful, haunting curse.

For you’re locked inside stone castle walls,

Knights patrol all day long.

There is no key to freedom,

No relief from this misery,

Caged like an animal,

With you’re name imprinted in history;

But no one cares.

They never knew how much you wanted to fly,

How you’ve longed to soar into their way of life.

How’d you’d give anything to be like them,

To know that for once,

someone was kind;

Not because if they did not,

They would be punished,

Or perhaps die.

But simply to know you,

And to be by your side.

Tis a woeful tragedy,

To see someone look so lost in their own home.

The regal life is bare of love.





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