TTIWC #2: Her World {{Part One}}

Hello, my lovely readers! 😀

I’m participating in Grace’s Think to Ink Writing Camp on Team Pen!!!  Let’s go team!!! 😀

Here is my entry!  Grace, I used all three prompts and mentioned the word pen. 🙂

I had never been one to ‘think outside the box’.  Creativity was a meaningless word, fairy tales were myths made up by people who’s brains were literally out of this world; and books?  Well, books were just boring.  One day however, everything changed…


“Yeah, Mom?”  I leaned over the stair railing to see my parents sitting on the couch in our living room.

My parents looked up; their faces held a look that was unfamiliar.

“Son, um…why don’t you join your mother and I?”  My Dad called.

“Sure.”  I said as I plodded down the stairs and sat in a cushioned chair across from them.

They looked hesitantly at each other; seconds later my Mom questioned “Matthew Dear, do you remember your cousin Emily?”.

I traced my memory…a petite girl with dark hair, bright eyes, and pale skin popped into my mind.


“Oh, yeah, sure.  I remember her.”  I nodded.

“Well, you know that she’s an orphan, and that she’s been living with her Father’s oldest sister?”

“Yes mam, I remember hearing that.”

“She died.  Emily’s aunt.”  Dad said.  “We’re Emily’s only relatives.”

I groaned inwardly.  I knew where this was going.

They most have noted my expression.  “Now Son, it won’t be all that bad; Emily’s a sweet girl, I’m sure-”

“I know, I know, Mom.  It’s fine.”  I held up my hands in a reassuring manner.  “So when is she coming to live with us?”



I walked down the hallway and approached the closed door to Emily’s bedroom, knocking on it softly.

“Who is it?”  I could barely make out the small voice.

Three words, I smiled to myself.  My cousin had been here for a whole week and hadn’t made a sound until this moment; aside from a few no-sense mumblings.   “Matthew.”

“Come in.”


I opened the door slowly.  Emily was already in her pajamas, sitting on her bed.  She gazed out the window at the night sky that was overflowing with stars and moon beams.


I cleared my throat to get her attention.  She turned her head and looked at me in a way I found rather odd.

“Uh, Mom said that you might need these for your homework.”  I said as I set a cup full of brightly colored pens on her desk.

She didn’t reply; only continued to stare at me in that odd, uncomfortable way.  Narrowing her eyes, she looked over me head to toe as if examining me.

Ok…this girl is weirder than I thought.  Kinda creepy.

“Um…well..I’d better, you know, get ready for bed.”  I mumbled as I headed for the door.

“Wait!”  She exclaimed with a tone of urgency.

Surprised, I turned to face her again.  “Yeah?”

Her lips formed an apologetic grin.  “Matthew; I apologize.  I guess I’m scaring you a little.”  She laughed nervously.

I smiled back.  “Not really.  Just…well…”

She nodded and figured her ink colored hair.  “I know.  I come off as rather weird to a lot of people.”

“I wouldn’t say that…”  I tried to say it truthfully.  So she talks, but she is odd.

“Well, thank you for bringing me the pens, Matthew.  I appreciate it.”  She thanked me politely.

“No problem.  Good night.”  I gave a half wave as I was about to close the door behind me.

“Matthew!”  She called out again.

I smiled to myself.  “Yep?”

She sighed and said hesitantly “I need you to show me your basement.”

I cocked my head to one side.  “Uh, ok…I guess I can show you it tomorrow…”

“No.  Now.”  She said with a quiet, but serious voice.

This girl gets weirder by the secondWhat would a girl want to do in a dusty basement anyways?


“Yes. Now.”  She hopped off her bed and then pushed past me into the hallway.

“Lead the way.”  She urged.

I shook my head in defeat and waved my hand for her to follow me.  I have a feeling that this is one cousin I’ll never understand…

We padded softly down the stairs, and I led her to the now dark, living room.  My parents had retired early.

I lifted up a large, red rug which revealed a trap door.  I opened the door and nodded to Emily; giving her the OK to descend into the black mist.  Her eyes lit up with courage, exhilaration, and something I couldn’t quite make out.  She hadn’t spoken, hadn’t made a sound, but that look in her eyes told me exactly what was about to happen…something that I would spend the rest of my life trying to understand.


I watched as she disappeared into the shadows.  As soon as she was gone, I followed.

The darkness enveloped me like a thick fog, and the stuffy air made it difficult to breathe.  Strangely, the further I went down the rickety stairs, the better I was able to see.  But I was not expecting to see this…

My eyes opened wide in shock and my chin dropped to the floor as I surveyed my surroundings.  We no longer had a basement; from appearances, we were in some kind of castle corridor!  Candles were lit and gave the corridor a rather spooky appearance as they casted their glow on gray, stone walls. The ceiling rose high into the shape of an arrow’s tip, and the same shape had been made of seemingly closed-in passage ways. 


Emily had vanished, but to my relief, poked her head out of a hallway.  “Hurry!”  She motioned to me with her hands.

I quickened my step, and rounded the corner; following her.  “I must be dreaming…”, I murmured to myself.

She went down another hallway, passed two wooden doors with rusty hinges, going on to the third.  I approached her side as she gave six hollow sounding knocks, and to my surprise, the door opened with a loud groan of protest.  She entered; pulling me with her.  “Come on!”

The room was lit with the gentle light of an oil lamp.  It sat on a wooden table that was littered with books, maps, and yellowed papers.  The only other contents of the room was an old chair that was covered in musty cobwebs.  Light poured in through a barred window and illuminated the face of a slender girl who appeared to be our age, with golden waves and hazel eyes.


She turned and looked as if she’d been expecting us.

“Good. You’re here.  The Elivians have been searching.”

“So that’s what you are…”  I whispered in awe.







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