I’m Running For President! Vote Here

Yep!  I’m running in the President Blogger Election! 😀

So, if you want to vote for me all you have to do is comment saying which of my below reasons you like(for instance 18/25, 10/25,  if all of them then you would say 25/25, and so on).

Here are my reasons of why you should vote for me:

  1.  You can come visit me whenever you want-all expenses paid.
  2.  Spend a week in France with all of your blogger friends.
  3. You will automatically be whatever weight and height you wish.
  4.  You will be the richest person in the world.
  5.  You will get free Starbucks every day.
  6.  You’ll never sweat again.
  7.  You’ll never see a snake again.
  8.  Your sibling(s) will become your servants. 😀
  9.   You will own the best stable ever, all expenses paid, filled with the most exotic horses in the world(and from other worlds, too ;D).
  10.   You will be able to change your hair or eye color whenever you wish.
  11.   You will be able to meet the Giselle, Dixon, and Colette from Reign of Deceit.
  12.   You will get a “Life Remote” that lets you fast forward, rewind, pause, or skip chapters of your life.
  13.    None of your loved ones will die in your lifetime.
  14.    Whenever it rains, it will rain M&M’s.
  15.     Your pool will turn into Hershey’s Syrup.
  16.     You will be able to go on a world tour, all expenses paid.
  17.     You will have a mansion in all the states of your choice.
  18.     You will instantly have all of the Bible memorized.
  19.     You will never get sick again.
  20.     Any career you choose will be successful, and make you world famous.
  21.     Free puppies and kittens!!!!
  22.     And did I forget to mention that you will also have Reepicheep for a pet?!
  23.     Visit the world of your choice at any time, for any length of time.
  24.     Be BFFs with your favorite book character.
  25.    Your best friends will become your siblings.


Btw, if any of you running would like to trade votes, I would be more than happy to trade with you!!:D Good luck!



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