Frozen Beauty

*credit to the owner of image*

The snow was falling in light, crisp, flakes of powdery white.  They danced like miniature ballerinas to a tune sung by Nature itself.  The air was frozen and the wind just as cold.  It cut my face and chilled my bones, but I was oblivious to it.  The mountains towered majestically before me; their caps blanketed in beauty.  Fir trees had made their magical forests’ about the bases of the mountains; their greenery making the blue canvas seem less blended and gave it life.  The lake shimmered and reflected the view on it’s glassy mirror of turquoise blue.  It was seemingly so fragile that the tiniest bit of weight would shatter the glistening face.  I walked through the snow to a lone bench.  Long forgotten it has sat here for years; the birds and squirrels as it’s only company when Spring came to warm the Earth.  I gently caressed it as I brushed off the snow.  Sitting down, I proceeded to put on my skates.  They were as white as my surroundings, with silver laces and blades that curved and swirled.  Standing up, I turned my feet so that the blades would press into the snow, so I wouldn’t topple over on my face.  Confidently, I went to the frozen water’s edge.  As my steely blades touched ice, my legs quivered with excitement and anticipation; the feeling is not unfamiliar.  I put one foot in front of the other, gliding, sliding, in a graceful manner.  I skated around the lake; my face bright red from the cold and glowing in awe.  On the shore, a Robin could be seen sitting deep into it’s nest, afraid of the cold, I smiled.  The world passed by in slow motion.  All was still.  Quiet.  The only sound was that of my skates making their comforting wish, swoosh, wish, swoosh.  I was coming near the lake’s edge now, so I sharply, but expertly turned and began to pick up speed.  Faster and faster I skated; my blades cutting into and out of the ice.  I continued to pick up speed until I reached the center of the lake where I made a figure eight; my golden hair flying behind me.   Then turning a triple pirouette, I landed perfectly.  As I stood there, I breathed it all in.  All this beauty and wonder that He had made was nearly blinding.  His goodness, mercy, and love so evidently clear.  And that evidence has, and always will, point to the Creator of the Universe…and Savior of the world.


P.S.  A Winter piece in Summer?  Yep!  I’ve got the itch!;D


5 thoughts on “Frozen Beauty

  1. “They danced like miniature ballerinas to a tune sung by Nature itself.” << I love that sentence!
    Ahhh this is simply amazing, Lainey. ❤️ I can vividly see and feel each and every moment, like the skates against the ice and the breeze against my skin. It has that chilly feel to it, even though as I read, it's so hot outside! Lovely!

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