CWWC Entry #6: The Fate of A Hero, Part 2

Loren: I used three prompts.



“Agent Kitts.”  The Chief stood in his office doorway wearing a serious, but calm, look.

I stood up from the chair that I had been sitting in and followed him into the room as he motioned me to come in.

He closed the door gently behind us, and I was surprised to see a fellow agent, Jason Porter, leaning over a rather large map that was spread across the Chief’s desk; nearly covering it completely.  He looked up and nodded politely to me, then was once again obsorbed with studying what was laid out before him.  I followed the Chief over to his desk, and he sat down behind it.  Folding his hands he asked, “Kitts, how much do you know about Ember Bailey?”.

“Ember Bailey?”  I questioned.  ” You’re talking about our founder right?  The founder of The Knights Of Gemienis?”

“Yes.”  He exchanged a queer look with Porter.  “Do you know anything else?”.

“Well, I know her story…at least, the part that every agent knows.”  I replied.

“So you know nothing else about Ember Bailey?”

“Um…no, Sir…”.  By now I was becoming quite confused.

He exchanged another odd look with Porter while he scratched his stubbly chin.

“I see.  Well, Kitts, I have a special mission for you and Agent Porter here.”  He said while lowering his voice and leaning over his desk.

I looked at both men in turn, waiting for the Chief to continue.

“For a long time now we have had trouble with a secret society.  They cause most of the damage that are our daily cases. ”

I nodded.  I had worked on a couple of the cases myself.

“The problem is capturing the members.  They’re spread out-everywhere, even seemingly ordinary citizens belong to this society-and their ring leader has never been seen.  The only thing we know about their leader is that it’s cunning, brave, brutal, relentless…and for some unknown reason it appears to be hunting our agents.”


“So the gender of the leader is unknown?”  I asked curiously.

“Correct.  There have been no sightings.  But we know it is there.  Now every door on this planet seems to scream out the truth that our world’s not safe anymore.  It hasn’t been safe since before Ember Bailey’s time.”  He sighed.  “Now-”



“Excuse me Sir, but you keep going back and forth between two conversations-is Ember Bailey and this society connected?”  I interrupted.

He looked questioningly at Porter.  Jason nodded.  “Go ahead.  Tell her.”.

“Alright.”  The Chief agreed hesistantly, then looked at me directly in the eyes.  “Reese, there is another world.  It is said that no one ever comes back if they stray past the world’s border.  What lies beyond is unknown.”








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