Ride The Moment

The wind whipping through my golden waves; my knuckles clutching the coarse wires called the mane.  The sounds of hooves padding the ground in a gentle and steady rhythm, the deep breathing of my faithful beast, and gentle waves washing the sandy shore.  Who ever knew that one could be transported to another world by simply riding with the wind?  This is freedom. This feeling of freedom can not be tamed.  This feeling of peace can not be denied.  The feeling of life flooding through my veins seems as if it had been generated from the animal that allows me to sit upon it’s back.  This is a feeling that only a rider knows.  That only a rider can know.  This feeling can not be explained; only felt.  So ride the wind, feel the freedom, live the life.  This moment will not last forever.  It is a piece of Heaven that every rider prays to know over and over again, until she can ride for an eternity…


P.S. I’m sorry that this was so short!



22 thoughts on “Ride The Moment

      1. 😛 XD Yeah! Haha!!! 🙂
        ..What? What do you mean by sevenish..oh like how many types of different..ooooh sorry, yeah….let’s see….four! 😛 Four types of animals! Puppies, horses, goats, and calves! 🙂

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