CWWC Entry #1 + AAWC Entry #5 = This

Hey Guys!

Eeeek!!  I AM SO HAPPY!!  TODAY WAS MY LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!!  Well, I still have an exam to take tomorrow, but after that, I’m done!:D  I could go on and on rambling about all the things I have in mind for this summer, but I better just get on with the post. 😉

I’m participating in Loren’s writing camp, CWWC, on Team Narnia (GO TEAM!!!:D), and of course Misty’s AAWC, so I decided to combine my entries.  For AAWC, we were supposed to write something with the prompt, or word “fade”(Misty, I mentioned an eagle when describing the Ferryman).  For CWWC, we were supposed to use the prompts (I used two of the three) that Loren gave us, which I will show as I get to them in the piece.

I made my way hurriedly through the aisles.  Aisles of shelves filled with one of the best things ever to come into existence…books!  The smell of ink and leather.  The sound of pages gently flipping.  The feel of a world beneath my fingertips awed me.  I walked quickly, being mindful to be quiet, to my favorite section of the bookstore; the fantasy section.  I searched for the first beckoning title that caught my hazel eyes, and slid it off the shelf.  I cradled it carefully in my arms; soon finding a familiar nook where I sat down cross-legged with a contented sigh.  Opening the purple cover, I began to read: “Mirrors are passages to fantastic worlds, guarded by creatures called The Ferrymen.”.

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I went on to read about a girl who had been whisked away into a strange land; a land of mythical creatures and wondrous sights.  In my imagination, I could see the young girl; sitting on a fallen tree that stretched in front of a crystal, foaming waterfall; reading while her only friend, the Ferrymen, listened intently, but puzzlement was clearly shown on it’s face.  For it could not understand this little girl’s odd language.

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The Ferrymen was described as a cross between a pegasus and a peacock.  It’s body was that of a horse like creature, while it’s mane and tail were that of a peacock’s magnificent feathers.  Strangely though, was the beast’s feet.  They were not the solid gray hooves of a pegasus.  Instead, it possessed talons, like that of a majestic eagle.

Time passed on, and I continued to read about a land I wished I were a part of.  Shockingly, and to my utter dismay, I turned the page and suddenly the words began to fade until they had disappeared completely.

“What on earth?!…”  I breathed.

Well, I guess the best of stories have to have cliff hangers.

Well, I wished I could have added more and made it sound better, but I have to go to bed. 🙂 By the way, Hayley is holding an ATC trade!  I encourage you all to check it out!



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