AAWC Entry: #4

Here’s entry 4!  We were supposed to write something with the prompt “bright”.  It’s very short, and one of my first attempts at poetry, so I understand if you cringe while you read it😉😄


The night was cold,
The stars shone bleakly,
The night had not a light.
All through the night,
The Blue Bird whispered,
A song of heavy heart.

The moon had dared not shone it’s face;
It’s smile,
upside down.

“Will the world remain so dark,
a world,
so oblivious,
to love?”

“Will not a light shine on,
this earth,
a bright,
beckoning hope?”

Soon light will come,
The Son will reign,
A reign of joy and peace.
The night sky will,
again shine bright;
The moon and stars alive.



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