AAWC Entry #3: Broken And Battered

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*credit to the owner of this image* (Misty, I mentioned an eagle.)

Foamy mist sprayed relentlessly on my wet face; the salt of the sea mixed with my tears.  The storm clouds grumbled miserably overhead, and lightning flashed it’s angry streaks of purple light.  All around me was pitch black, and at times I could barely see my own hand.  The wind whistled through the torn sail, and made the nearly broken mast groan in protest.  I lifted my fear stricken face to the heavens and cried out “Someone!  Anyone!  Help me, I beg you!”.  Though I knew I was simply wasting my breath.  I was alone.  I was alone to fight the waves that dared to sink my ship and drown my helpless soul.  Did anyone hear me?  Did anyone even care that I was suffering so?  That my ship was battered, and my heart, broken?  That I was broken.  So terribly broken by fear, loneliness, and utter despair.  I had come to the conclusion that I was alone, and that no one loved me; just when suddenly, I could see.  The clouds began to part, the sun began to break through; the winds and waves calmed.  Then there was stillness.  Such stillness that I had never known; such peace that I had never experienced.  Is there someone who controls the wind and sea?  Was there someone who loved me?  Was I alone?  No.  I am no longer alone.  There is One who calls me by name, and says “Do not be afraid.  You are my child; I will not let you sink.  Just focus your eyes on the Master Of The Sea.”  I am not afraid.  I will not sink.  I will rise and soar on wings like eagles’, and I will find dry land.  I was broken.  Now I am healed.



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