Reign of Deceit~Part 3

Part three is here!!!!:D  BTW, Reign of Deceit is going to be my Camp NaNoWriMo story, but I didn’t find out that it started until today! *gasps in horror* So yeah…I’m nine days behind..yikes…


I hobbled down the street to the stables as fast as my injured leg would take me. Collette and Dixon walked quickly beside me asking “What are we doing?” and “Are you sure no one else is at the stables?”.

I stopped and answered them simply. “Honestly, I don’t know what we’re doing or if anyone else is in there, but I’m going to look around.”

The two shrugged their shoulders to each other and then followed to the corral where I stood, gazing out on it and the herd of horses that for some un-known reason, had gathered themselves in a tight circle. Cautiously, I opened the gate and let my friends and I in.

“Do you want me to go take a look at the stalls and the hay loft?” Dixon asked.

“Let’s be on the safe side and go together.” I replied.

“Oh, I get it.” Dixon sneered playfully. “Listen, I’m the man here. I don’t need a couple of girls to look out for me.”

Collette crossed her arms while giving him a look that said, Oh, really?.

I shook my head in an annoyed manner. “Maybe you’re the only, correction, boy here, but we still need to stick together. Magic isn’t something to be taken lightly. Now-”

“Ok, ok.” Dixon held up his hands in surrender. “I was just messing around. Let’s go!” Dixon lead the way while Collette and I tried to keep up with his hurried, long stride.

The inside of the stable was musty, and smelled as if no one had cleaned out the stalls in decades.

“It smells horrid enough in here to make you gag.” Collette pinched her nose.

Dixon and I nodded in agreement as we examined our surroundings. The stalls we found were made of rotting wood, and several of them had begun to fall apart, making it easy for a horse to escape. The hay that laid strewn about the floor was moldy, and the sacks of grain had been opened and destroyed by rodents.

“I don’t see anything down here. I’m going to check the loft.” Dixon said as he headed for the ladder that was missing several rungs. Expertly, he scurried up the ladder and looked around for brief moment, then came back down with an unsatisfied look on his face.

“Well?” I questioned.

“Nothing. Not even some of that moldy hay. Clean as a whistle, actually.” He replied.

“That’s rather odd.” I gazed up at the loft.

“Not really.” He assured me. “It just means that the stable owner didn’t ever use it.”

“Wait a second!” I gasped. “Do you mean that this stable isn’t currently owned by anyone?”

“I don’t think it is. Why?”

“Those horses in the corral!” Collette exclaimed before the words even escaped my mouth.

We all rushed (myself behind them due to my leg) back out to the corral, but as soon as the horses noticed us, Dixon held Collette and I back.

“Don’t spook them.” He whispered, holding his finger up to his lips.

Collette and I nodded our understanding. We took a couple of small steps forward, and then stopped. We looked at each of the horses, expecting them to look blankly back at us like most animals. Instead, their eyes were full of life and spirit, as if they were trying to speak to us through them. Then suddenly, to our great suprise, the circle that the herd had formed opened, and from the middle of it walked out a mare of solid black. Miracuously, from the state of the stable’s condition, the mare’s coat was without a speck of dirt and practically glowed. Her eyes were a sky blue, and had the most intelligent look I had ever seen of a beast, though one couldn’t rightly give this magnificent creature such a title. The thing she did next I would remember for the rest of my life. She walked directly up to me and nuzzled my hand. As soon as I finally had outstretched it, she opened her mouth and placed on my palm a single diamond; the same color of, what I now knew had to be, her magical eyes.




Hey-I was good this time.  No major cliff-hanger. XP Lol



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