AAWC 1st Entry: A Reflection Of Meaning


Long time no post!  Though I should be back on a pretty regular schedule now.  I’m participating in AAWC, a writing challenge that Misty is doing on her blog!  I’m on Team Eagle, and in the first entry we were supposed to write something on “Reflections”.  It’s pretty short, but here is my piece!:)

(Misty, I mentioned an eagle in the first sentence.)

A Reflection Of Meaning



The eagle soared on thin air, careening through the trees and crying out in a high screech.  The mountains loomed majestically against a seemingly painted canvas of blue.  The forest that surrounded me was full of life; birds sang in the tree tops, squirrels chattered as they chased one another, an elk bugled in the distance, and the fragile wings of a dragonfly made a humming sound as it flew past.  I looked on all this through my camera lens which revealed the reflection of the Montana wilderness on the turquoise lake.  I snapped a couple of photos, anticipating how they would look hanging in my studio.

“It’s beautiful, isn’t it?”  My Mom sighed in contentment as she reached the top of the boulder where I stood.

“It sure is…can we stay here forever?”  I asked hopefully with a playful twinkle in my eyes.

She laughed as she squeezed me in a side hug.  “Ah, I wish we could!”.

“Did you get a shot of that reflection on the lake?”  She asked.

“Right here!”  I replied, gently tapping the side of my camera.

“Great!”.  She lowered herself down into a sitting position, letting her hiking boots dangle over the side of the boulder.  She picked up a pebble and skipped it across the face of the lake, make ripples in the glassy mirror.

As I sat down beside her, she asked “Do you know what that reflection reminds me of, Kara?”

“What’s that?”

“How in life, we can’t always see the mountain that lies ahead of us, like this mountain here, and it might be a big one.  We’re certain to have some difficulties, but God will help us through them.  I like to think that when we go to Heaven, we’ll be able to look down on how our lives were, and see something as beautiful as this.  The mountain may have been intimidating, but once we’re over it, it sure makes a prettier picture in the end than just a bunch a trees, doesn’t it?”

I smiled up at her.  “I never thought that something so random could have so much meaning.”

“Well, Sweetie, if you look for it, God puts meaning in just about everything-even reflections.”





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