Reign of Deceit and the Quote of the Day Challenge


Hello Everyone!

I know you guys are probably like “What on earth??”, so here’s the explanation of the title and poster; I’m going to be writing a story called Reign of Deceit.

It’s going to be based off of your average “fairytale time setting” and the main character’s name is Giselle.  She’s a thirteen year old orphan that lives with her poor, but loving, Aunt Nadia who is her only living relative that Giselle knows of.  And as for the story line…well…you’ll just have to wait and see!;P

And no, The Mysterious Bookshelf will not be an excerpt from this story.  For that story I really want to do a lot of research for it, you know, reading all the Chronicals of Narnia books again to make sure that I don’t re-use some of C.S Lewis’s ideas and….oops!  I let that slip!XP Yes, The Mysterious Bookshelf should be an excerpt to an eighth book (or sequel)to the Narnia series, and possibly called Narnia’s Tribulation.  I’m not sure yet. 😉 So, good job to Jaclynn on guessing it!:P

I am super excited for this and should have the first part up fairly soon!:D

Also, Maddi( and Misty( me for the Quote Of The Day Challenge.  Thank you guys!:D So here is the quote I chose for today:24777

*credit to the owner of this picture*

I LOVE this!!  Like seriously, that picture is awesome and I would totally hang it in my room!… room is lots of pretty pastels and horses and cowgirl decor….so this wouldn’t exactly match.. ;P

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“See” ya!!




17 thoughts on “Reign of Deceit and the Quote of the Day Challenge

    1. Thanks, Jaclynn!:D
      Yeah, I wasn’t exactly trying to hide it, but I wanted to see if you guys would catch on. And you did! ;D Yay! I will probably write the Narnia sequel after Reign of Deceit. 😀
      P.S. Has the temperatures there cooled down any?:)

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